About us

Our company history and what we provide

SINDHUTAMA began in 1970 as a Mechanical and Electrical Contractor with contracting as its main business. Its professional services quickly gained customers’ trust and support. Sindhutama started as Mechanical and Electrical Contractor, like installation for houses or residential, offices, factories, workshops, apartments etc. But in 2007, Mechanical and Electrical Contractor was closed. In time SINDHUTAMA PUTRAPRATAMA was able to expand as a full service as a Rental Generator Set.

From 1986 – 1990, Sindhutama began as steel structure fabricator or contractor for workshop, factories, club houses with the equipment of 2 Generator Set ( 60 Kva and 80 Kva ) at the beginning.

In 1991 Sindhutama Putrapratama started with two Generator Set Open Type which was 60 Kva and 80 Kva.  By the time goes by, we had a good opportunities to spread our wings into many Generator Set in our workshop. Until now, we have Generator Set with Open Type Generator Set from 20 Kva until 590 Kva. All of them are made from Europe, USA or Japan. We also have Generator Set with Silent Type start from 10 Kva until 750 Kva which is mostly made in Japan. So we have totally around 90 units of Generator Set from both type. ( 20% Open Type and 80% Silent Type ).

Sindhutama has positioned itself not only as a rental company, but more as a total solution power provider, from consulting, planning, implementing as well as providing regular maintenance for its clients. We have our own workshop in Narogong with 5600 m², before we only have 500 m² which is very small workshop in Bekasi and it couldn’t fit anymore for keeping our Generator Set units.

During the course of our establishment, we have persistently striven to exist, to stay competitive in the market, and to grow steadily. It is indicated and proven by company business tracks and by the growing number of clients entrusting us to carry out their significant projects for many years. With our commitment, experiences, and technical skills, we had achieved the successful completion in term of qualities, services, and performances within specified time and budget of each and every project given to us. Our market is wide, we can provide for Jabodetabek Area and perhaps the whole Nusantara ( Indonesia ).

Management Team

Behind SINDHUTAMA PUTRAPRATAMA is highly motivated individuals with vast experiences in Generator Set business. Comprising of individuals with strong vision, Sindhutama’s management team is steadfast in its commitment to provide the very best for its customers.


SINDHUTAMA PUTRAPRATAMA aims to become the best by providing the best services to customers and always innovating its services to fully satisfy customers as our motto is BORN TO SERVE.


  • We do have Long Term and Short Term Period, Daily , Weekly or Monthly Period for renting
  • We provide for : Residential, Banks, Factories, Projects, Garments, Recreation Areas, Apartments, Show business, Exhibition , Hospital, Supermarkets etc.
  • Private in Government Enterprises

Vision and Mission

To strengthen company’s ability in all and every aspects such as productivity, competition, efficiency, profit and prosperity, Sindhutama’s missions and visions are as follows:

  • To be the Leading Power Solutions Provider and be recognized as the preferred choice in the industry
  • To make Sindhutama as a brand image in the national market
  •  To pursue and maintain the highest quality products
  • To increase the prosperity of employees
  • To conduct business in ethical manners
  • To continuously increase products and service qualities
  • To compete in healthy and professional manner
  • To provide highest and relevant quality of power solutions and associates services to both Utility (PLN) and Non Utility  Customers in Indonesia in short to medium, beyond Indonesia in medium to long term
  • To continue creating worthwhile and challenging job opportunies to as many Indonesians as possible with continues development and better quality of life for our employess
  • To continue applying safe and environtment friendly technology to deliver added value to the community

Need Power?

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