Mitsubishi Generators

Mitsubishi has designed and manufactured quality products for more than 100 years to the industry's toughest standards. Mitsubishi Generators are backed by a limited two-year commercial, rental and consumer warranty.

Superior materials are used every step of the way to ensure maximum performance. Mitsubishi Generators are engineered to run 24/7 with optimal performance. Mitsubishi understands that when you need back up power, you need a reliable and dependable product that delivers consistent power.

Mitsubishi Generators are fuel efficient and have one of the lowest noise levels in the industry.

Mitsubishi Generators come equipped with a wide range of standard features: Mitsubishi OHV engine, automatic idle control, full frame, automatic voltage regulator, low oil sensor and a large fuel tank. Mitsubishi’s line of portable gas generators deliver reliable power and performance when and where you need it.

Mitsubishi MGP series low noise Genset 25-875KVA

Mitsubishi MGS-B series

Mitsubishi MGS-HV series


The growing strength of the Mitsubishi Brand name: MITSUBISHI MGS-HV SERIES DIESEL GENERATOR SET
The core of the MGS-HV Gen Set is now -S typed diesel engines for MGS-HV Power Rating

MGS-HV series Please contact us if you need more information for renting Mitsubishi Generator

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